What we believe

The Cross of Christ statement of faith articulates the doctrine we believe as a church. These beliefs are foundational to our church, a summary of what the Bible proclaims about the central matters of our faith.

Our full statement of faith, which was adopted from The Gospel Coalition, summarizes biblical doctrine, which is gospel-centered doctrine. We believe the Bible is centered on the message of the gospel and we want our doctrine and our life as a church to be centered on and continually shaped by this same gospel. Click below to read our full statement of faith:

We are affiliated with the Sojourn Network and Acts 29 Church Planting Network and so we also affirm the doctrinal distinctives of both networks. Here are Sojourn’s and here are Acts 29’s.



Our mission

Cross of Christ exists to glorify God by shaping and sending wholehearted disciples with a resilient hope in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Long term vision

We will be part of a spiritual renewal in Orange County by being a Gospel refuge and outpost, a home and a waypoint.

We will be a church of people who enjoy and glory in the Gospel. This will look like a hunger from the bottom up for Jesus and the Gospel to be existentially necessary in conversations, DGs, sermons, songs, trainings, etc. We will long to know Christ and him crucified, and resurrected, and reigning more fully. To that end, we will be in the Bible individually and collectively, knowing that God’s truth leads to awe, humility, and worship. As we pursue that Gospel maturity, we will lead lives of vulnerability, resilience, faith, hope, and love because of the Gospel. We will ask good and hard questions, seek out accountability and help, endure suffering and hardship with hope and resilience, take risks and make choices driven by faith, and love wholeheartedly in a way that is only explainable by the Holy Spirit’s work through the Gospel. Our relationships, families, vocations and lives will be evangelistic as they are countercultural.



Being Christ-Centered - The Good News that God saves sinners through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus and empowers them by the Holy Spirit for new life with him in his Kingdom is central in everything from Worship Gatherings to Discipleship Groups.

Being Biblically-Anchored - We desire to be biblical, not just theological. Luther, Calvin, Keller, and Piper are awesome, but the Bible is a more amazing and sure foundation.

Being Relationally-Connected - We are made for relationship. Our triune God made us for relationship with himself, others, and ourselves and has given us a relational Gospel to believe and live.

Being Culturally-Engaging - We seek to understand, love, and live in the time, place, and people that God has placed around us.